Plasticine Portraits with Wilfrid Wood (afternoon)

2pm, Sat 07 Oct

Workshop is 3 hours


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Satirical sculptor, Wilfrid Wood, started his career as head builder on the TV programme Spitting Image. Now he makes heads and figures of celebrities, invented characters and friends, entirely by hand, using simple materials like polymer clay, papier mâché and plasticine.

We invite you to join Wilfrid for a workshop to learn how to create your very own plasticine self-portrait. The workshop will kick off with an introduction to the medium. You will then be asked to create a rough drawing of yourself before crafting in plasticine. At the end of the workshop you will take away the preparatory drawings and your very own plasticine head!

You won’t need to bring anything but yourself to the workshop! All plasticine and tools for the workshop are included in the price of the ticket. If you would prefer to bring your own sketchbook and drawing materials for the preparatory drawings, you’re welcome to do so.

Check out more of Wilfrid’s brilliant work here.