Making people smile; one portrait at a time


Wilfrid Wood is a London-based sculptor, model maker and illustrator. He trained in graphics at Central St Martins before landing a job building latex heads for satirical TV programme, Spitting Image. From there he embarked on his artistic career, and his charismatic and quirky sculptures have since been exhibited all over the world. Wilfrid has created likenesses of a variety of people from Wayne Rooney to Paul McCartney.

I am aware though – especially since I make things by hand when so much is done on the computer – that I’m very interested in tactile, real materials, whether that’s what I happen to be wearing or working with.

wilfrid wood studio

We caught up with Wilfrid to find out which artists he’s enjoying, which apps he couldn’t live without and what he’s currently listening to.

Can you tell us what an average work day looks like?

I’m starting to wake up very early like a pensioner. Its really annoying because I’m useless in the mornings which now drag on interminably. About 4 in the afternoon I finally start working but by 6 I’m exhausted because I got up so early.

Someone called Sampha, I don’t know who she is but she’s got a marvellous voice.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Someone called Sampha, I don’t know who she is but she’s got a marvellous voice.

What apps can’t you live without?

Instagram and Grindr, not in that order.

Favourite piece of equipment in the studio/work space?  

A particular spatula.

Which designers/artists work are you enjoying at the moment?

The painter Alice Neel. I just went to see her show at Victoria Miro Gallery. I want to be like her.

What’s your favourite place to escape to?

Piccadilly Circus.

Do you have a subscription with any magazines?

I used to subscribe to Practical Fishkeeping but it lapsed.

If you could choose one artist, dead or alive, to decorate your house, who would it be?

The self styled naturalist and geologist Q J Stephenson from North Carolina, creator of the Occoneechee Trapper’s Lodge.

Wilfrid will be talking on the Friday and hosting a plasticine modelling workshop on the Saturday at Something Good. Tickets on sale now.